Plan a sustainable energy supply system

When planning for a sustainable energy supply system, be it on a local, regional or national scale, one has to take three different parts of the system into account: the resource, the energy carrier and the energy service.

The system planned must be based on considerations including all three aspects and it must be fit to supply different customers. There is neither any simple measure to evaluate the pros and cons with different system solutions in a complete way nor to make the useful energy produced from the comparable in a simple and general way.

To make a full comparison, the availability must be taken into consideration, the energy carrier produced must be valued, the flexibility in the system must be evaluated and also the customer perspective must be taken into account; what energy services can finally be provided and what is the local/regional market for that? It is also important to account for the economy of the system and to consider the environmental impact.


The report below presents a summary of the most important aspects on renewable energy sources, on energy carriers and on energy services to be provided to end user.