Investments in Germany

Wood chip heating (read)

This feasibility study shows the biomass option with wood chip local heating in Grambow, North West Mecklenburg

Biogas (read)

Demand-oriented production of electricity from biogas in Germany 

Biogas (read)

Biogas upgrade: from waste to fuel

Geothermal expansion (read)

Heat concept for expansion of district heating system in Neustadt-Glewe

Geothermal (read)

Heat-concept for change from decentralised natural gas to a district heating system in Wismar

Hydropower (read)

Pumped storage plant in a artificial circle wall embankment

Hydropower (read)

Small- and micro hydropower

Solar Power (read)

Producing renewable energy at a former school building with a flat roof in Rostock

Solar Power (read)

Producing renewable energy at a family house with a small roof in Rostock

Solar Power (read)

Production at an office buildning

Wind Power (read)

Wind farms in Rieps, Thandorf and Schlagsdorf