Planning an effective and optimal RES-Chians

When planning a RES project the entire supply chain has to be considered in order to reach an effective implementation whit high climate and environmental benefits.

Depending on what type of RES considered there are different aspects to consider. The life cycle of the instantiation consist of an establishment phase, an operational phase and a decommissioning phase. Depending on what type of RES considered the different phases have different significance. Solar, wind and hydro power use a “flowing” energy source requiring no transports of fuel i.e. the operational phase give a minimum of environmental loads. For these three types of RES it’s important to minimize environmental load during the installation phase. In order to “payback” this environmental load only installations giving a high production of kWh will give a low environmental lod per produced kWh.

Biomass and biogas are requiring a supply of of “fuels” during the operation phase i.e. it important to minimize the environmental loads in the operational phase when planning for biomass and biogas.

In the “Best use” reports bellow you will learn what to consider in order plan and implement an effective RES-Chains with a minimum of environmental loads from a life cycle perspective.